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Revenue and Leakage Management

Improve leakage management

Fraud and financial leakage is a critical business issue that undermines profitability, increases risk, and whose mitigation monopolises valuable resources

Automate and accelerate the process of leakage management and safeguard business revenues and confidence.

Accelerate manual processes

Symbox dramatically accelerates the existing processes of revenue assurance and leakage management, enabling customers to quickly and easily capture and manage leakage issues and risks against a control framework.


Realtime dashboards

Users can view leakage for each region and consolidated, customisable views for the entire organisation, enabling control, maturity and risk assessment reports at each level, as well as faster month-end reporting.

Asset 22

Wide integration

Symbox Integration Builder, allows users to configure a connection to any system allowing for the automatic ingest and creation of issues, enabling standardised issue logging and management.

Symbox expert delivery

Use cases

Symbox Revenue and Leakage Management is the only purpose built solution in the market.

Improved visibility

With standardised logging and reporting across OpCos and easy, at a glance views providing greater visibility in one place, Symbox helped contribute to a 46% reduction in leakage over a nine year period for a major media business.

Better decisions

Accurate data helps to support insight and interrogation supporting board reviews, leading in turn to better decision making. Leakage recovery increased 17x over a three year period at one major company.

Enhanced processes

The ability to track control effectiveness per OpCo drives improved business processes, leakage recovery and prevention performance, enabling an increase in control maturity.