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Moving on from spreadsheets

Organisations feature growing numbers of legacy tools and processes which is leading to rising resource costs as they find themselves having to prepare, review and process data across increasingly complex company systems. Such disparate systems also increase the potential for error along the data flow.

Ensure data quality and increase time for higher level tasks by deploying bespoke enterprise-grade applications that unite key processes throughout the chain.

Centralised data

Application data is centralised and consistent, creating opportunities for streamlined reporting.

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Structured workflow

Activities are ordered as required by the organisation, allowing business to provide consistency to a complex, distributed workflow that is not typically achievable with an off the shelf solution.

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Business rules

Applications can take advantage of business rules to rapidly process data in a variety of ways. These automate the decision-making process, saving administration time, streamlining workflows, and creating more time for higher-level tasks within an organisation.

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Use cases

Symbox’s ability to build enterprise-grade applications for customers has been applied to the following areas.

Outage calculations

An application created for a broadcaster that logs any and all transmission outages. These are then reviewed and, following on from that, a report is automatically generated that calculates the financial impact of each outage using business rules.


A bespoke portal for prospective partners of a major international MNO to sign up and be onboarded quickly and efficiently.


Matching sellers and demanders for solar panels in Africa. For pay as you go. Integration hub built to automate rapid transaction information - host of providers and host of platforms - not one to one relationship.