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Accelerating the connected

As business complexity increases, so the challenge of integrating different systems becomes ever more time consuming. Symbox’s Automation tools allow for the swift integration of different systems, making the Systems Integrator’s job easier and, for businesses, reducing the amount of swivel chair activity in any given workflow.

Join your systems together faster than ever before and create new, efficient and automated workflows that can look after repetitive business processes.

Low code integration layer

Developers are provided with a simple, yet highly configurable integration builder that can connect to virtually any system via API allowing for the swift automation of tasks between separate applications.

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API and event stream

Applies rules and logic throughout the automation process, enabling the opportunity to automate tasks, orchestrate events and initiate services.

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Robotic process automation

RPA enables businesses to manage high-volume and tedious administration tasks without the need for human operators. Businesses can achieve valuable time efficiencies while freeing up their teams to focus on higher value work.

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Use cases

Symbox Automation has joined systems and reduced the number of swivel chair hours in the following areas for the companies around the world


Checks rights issues and clearances up against the schedule of the following day’s programmes for major US broadcaster. Any issues are first tidied up by automatic rules with an alert only sent to a human operator if problems remain.

Repetitive tasks

A content company with thousands of localised versions of a TV programme to load into a global OTT provider. Symbox systems first ensured video files passed QC before a robot copied the information over into the front end, saving untold human hours.

Connecting systems

Matching sellers and demanders for solar panels in Africa. For pay as you go. Integration hub built to automate rapid transaction information - host of providers and host of platforms - not one to one relationship.